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Post  Aninddyo on Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:09 pm

This is the most important stat for Rookie and Amateur drivers. It will give you consistent laps times during the race. Also increases the "base" speed.

Talent isn't as key as you might think it is, but really shows its worth during wet races. Is a very nice stat to have if you can get it high, and is the only stat that you cannot change EVER. Absolutely essential if you are competing in Elite. Not so much below that, although a talent of 150+ is advisable in Master.

This attribute, in my opinion allows you to use risks to maximum effect. It seems to increase the car part wear and tyre wear though.

You cant train this but it will increase with races. As far as I know, this stat helps in qualifying and in cutting down on driver mistakes and overtaking/blocking and perhaps reducing car part wear.

Technical Insight
The higher this stat is, the smaller your drivers happy range will be. The value of this stat doesnt really matter due to the way we identify the car setup using happy range. Also reduces your fuel consumption.

Another important stat, especially when you reach Amateur. Someone once described this stat as Stamina=Speed, and is essential if you wish to get very far in amateur and above. Testing is a very quick way to build Stamina, with each session adding +6, although this does decrease the higher it rises (e.g. once you hit 100 stamina you may only get +2-3 per session).

So far we are only aware of this linking into your Sponsors. One of the questions a sponsor will ask is how popular your driver is and this stat will represent that. It has also been said on the GPRO forums that high Charisma speeds up your sponsorship negotiation. Again though, I have no proof of this.

The key to Qualifying in my opinion. The better your motivation stat the fastest the driver seems to go in qualifying and motivation will increase with good performances so it is almost self improving.

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Post  saurabhpm on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:31 pm

1. Concentration: There's one word for it; pace. Without this, your driver is gonna be lagging behind the whole pack. Other than driver speed, it also has effect on mistakes made by drivers during races and practice sessions.

- Increases with: Yoga, Season Reset
- Decreases with: PR training, Season Reset

2. Talent: The more talented your driver is, the better your driver is in the wet. Not only does higher talent mean better times in the wet, but also means better handling when it comes to a heavier car. Meaning, a driver with more talent is bound to drive a car faster than a less talented driver if a car is filled with 120 liters of petrol. Thus, drivers which are high in this stat are usually better-equipped to execute one-stoppers as compared to drivers which are low in talent. Talent is not a trainable skill, so it's more like an ability.

- Increases with: N/A
- Decreases with: N/A

3. Aggressiveness: Somewhat unknown territory for me. Basically, the more aggressive your driver is, the higher wear your car sustains during a race. Thus, in Rookie and Amateur, it is best to keep this stat low (or 0 if possible). I believe, aggressiveness helps in the 'risks' section (overtake, defend, CT) especially in Pro onwards where majority of managers run high risks.

- Increases with: Ninja Class, Races (depends on nature of driver)
- Decreases with: Yoga

4. Experience: This is new on me. I have yet to learn about this stat. But this skill very likely plays a part in your qualifying pace, testing and practice.

- Increases with: Season Reset, Races, Testing
- Decreases with: N/A

5. Technical Insight: Pretty much a straight forward skill. The higher this is, the more knowledgeable your driver is regarding the technical aspects of racing and car set-up. Drivers with a higher value in this stat usually consume slightly less fuel during the course of a race. Also provides an advantage during practice sessions, but there are other ways of getting a perfect set-up other than just a clever driver.

- Increases with: Technical Training, Age, Season Reset
- Decreases with: Age, Season Reset

6. Stamina: Another straight forward skill. This is the 2nd most vital skill to getting results. Without stamina, your driver will fall off his pace after his 1st stint, even if he has 250 concentration points. That's how effective stamina is. Even a value of 1 and 0 stamina points can make a world of difference in terms of race pace. Higher stamina also means more consistent (& fast) lap times between each stint.

- Increases with: Fitness Training, Testing (where long stints are conducted)
- Decreases with: Yoga, Season Reset, Races

7. Charisma: It's all about sponsors. The more charismatic your driver is, the more a sponsor is willing to pay you. Imagine you have a driver with poor PR skills, nobody would want to interview him and pay him much attention. It's the same with GPRO.

- Increases with: PR Training, Races
- Decreases with: No idea as yet

8. Motivation: A self-explanatory skill simply by its name. Think of it in real life; if you are motivated, you would be more willing to push harder and strive for perfection. Whilst if you are demotivated, you would be not willing at all to even do a maths sum.

- Increases with: Sports Psychologist, Technical Training, Good race results
- Decreases with: Technical Training, Fitness Training, Bad race results


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