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In order to be able to progress in GPRO you will need to collect as much information as poosible. There is a tool available on the GPRO Forums called GO. Link to thread about GO. Alternatively you can create your own data masterpiece. Suggestions for data to be collected are the details from the Race Analysis Screen (this will give you your fuel usage and tyre wear stats), your car part wear (from the Update Car screen), your driver stats (from the Driver Training screen) and the race temperature (as this also affects tyre wear).

For fuel usage you will want to identify your litres per km values asthese can be transferred from track to track. Bear in mind that there are 5 levels of fuel usage in the game ranging from Very Low, through Low, Medium & High to Very High. Willigogs has created a fuel calculator that can be used as a base figure for working out your fuel but bear in mind that this will vary from driver to driver.

For tyre wear you are interested in % wear per km. Again there are the same 5 levels of wear for different tracks but again you can transfer your own wear figures from track to track. Gordon has taken data from several OTFers to build a rough tyre calulator but again data varies between drivers and also according to the risks you take. (We will come ontop Risks when talking about the Race.)

Car part wear data will enable you to know when to replace differing car parts. Your Engine will generally last about 3 races but Electronics can last up to 8 races.

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