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The initial temptation is to go straight into “Update Car” or “Facilities” and spend all your money on making your car instantly faster. This is a huge no-no. The Rookie league especially, is meant as an introduction to the game and to teach people how they will need to manage their finances if they wish to progress and be successful in this game.

If you overspend and are forced into debt, then you will not be able to sign a decent driver, replace any of your car parts (you can only downgrade), plus you will not be promoted if you are in debt – even if you trounce your league and win by 50 points.

Therefore it is strongly recommended you never spend any money unless you are forced to. Scrimp and save is the mark of a true champion.

ONLY ever replace/upgrade car parts when they are so worn they will not last the next race. This way you are getting the most use out of them and not throwing money down the drain. If you’re in contention for promotion, then you will need every penny you can save for you to mount a realistic survival effort next season in Amateur.

Facilities, training of staff and testing should probably be ignored whilst in Rookie. Again, Rookie is more about getting a handle on your finances, and you cannot afford to be spending millions on facilities and training – whilst any testing will add wear to your car, meaning you will need to replace your parts earlier.

Finally, at the end of every season Rookie is completely reset. Anyone who does not earn promotion has all upgrades, facilities, everything, wiped and everyone starts with a clean slate with $30mil to spend once again. This is upped to $35mil if you raced in all 17 races of the previous season. This can be very useful if you know you will not promote and want to sign a new driver as you can effectively write off your driver offer & signing fees as the money is reset and all you will be left with is the driver salary for the following season. More about this in the next section.

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