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Post  Aninddyo on Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:26 pm

The most important feature of the game is your driver. It can make or break your season. A good driver can get you good results even if your car is not very competitive.

Concentration: An important stat. Contributes to your overall pace. Lap times are consistent as well.

Talent: Essential for rain. Cannot be trained & hence before taking a driver, make sure the talent level is not too low. A high talent also lowers your wing value, thereby giving you more speed.

Aggression: Self explanatory in itself. Comes handy when coupled with high overtaking risks.

Experience: Lowers driver mistakes. A high experience generally implies a faster qualifying but slower race pace. Reduces car wear

Technical Insight: Affects the fuel consumption. Higher the better. Moreover, also helps in finding the optimum setup of the car

Stamina: A very essential stat. Provides raw pace. You can never have enough stamina. One of the most important stats.

Charisma: Affects your negotiation rate with sponsors.

Motivation: Increased motivation leads to improved qualifying times.

Weight: Lighter the driver, faster he goes.

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